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From Our Residents & Caregivers

“After I fell my family was looking for a skilled nursing facility in the area and OakView was ranked number 1 in Des Moines county so I came here, and I am glad that I did. The staff are so dedicated to us and they are some special people to be able to help us. If I am having a bad day they notice and help me change the way I am feeling. This is not like a nursing home, it is relaxed and friendly. There is no other place that I would like to live”

- Harold Schnicker

“This is the second time I have been here. I came back because I knew that I would like it and I knew I would get great care like I did the last time. The staff are amazing and the best thing about this place is my room. It is big and comfortable. I will be here the rest of my life and I am glad that I am here.”

- Carolyn Trautner

“It is wonderful at RidgeView. The employees are so nice and helpful and that helps leaving your own home easier. They helped my husband so I do not have to do as much.”

- Cathleen DeLang (Cay)