Don't Get Mad. Get Educated.

Don't Get Mad, Get Educated about Alzheimer's

Sometimes, our loved ones with dementia act out in ways that seem uncharacteristic with who they typically were as a person before their illness. While this may be somewhat normal, it still can take us by surprise when it happens and prove to be embarrassing or uncomfortable.

When a loved one that has Alzheimer’s becomes agitated responding to things in a way that we deem inappropriate, our first reaction may be to get agitated back at them. With a little preplanning along with education, patience, and awareness, we can not only learn the various things that might be triggers for our loved ones to become agitated but also identify helpful ways to respond that can minimize the severity and duration of their upset mood or reaction.

It is okay not to have all the answers when it comes to caring for someone who’s personality and responses may be different than they’ve been in the past. To make interactions as comfortable as possible for everyone, read more here