With Dementia

Learn to See Differently

Sometimes certain aspects of how we perceive things are affected by illness. These changes may come as a surprise and in ways that we would not have anticipated. One of our senses that can change when living with dementia is vision. If you or a loved one are experiencing vision challenges in conjunction with diminished cognitive ability there are some simple ways that you can help, make a positive different in how they see themselves and the world through this new reality. Activities you may want to consider can come in various forms and may provide valuable options when a person is struggling with something that in the past, they may have taken for granted. Incorporating activities into daily living can not only help to stimulate the mind, memory and vision but may help to keep a person suffering from diminished abilities, stay interested and engaged in life. The goal in planning activities is to have a person feel occupied and successful at something they enjoy doing.

The ability to take part in an enjoyable activity can provide the sense of accomplishment that alleviates anxiety, frustration and boredom. It not only helps someone get through part of their day with a worthwhile distraction, but it also can help a person then be able to relax and sleep better at night.

Even though you may not find something your loved one enjoys at first the key is to offer a variety over time and keep trying. Nine options that are helpful for people with poor vision are as follows: Read more here

The Views Senior Living staff will work with you to create an assisted living care plan to help you reach your goal of getting back to enjoying life!

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