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Love Can Happen to Anyone, at Any Age

Even though the media tends to portray love as something that happens only to the young, even the young at heart can fall in love and find someone to spend happily ever after with.

When love strikes the second time around it’s often a bit unexpected. As young adults, we think of raising a family, buying our first house, fireworks, and more as part of the whole image, we think of when we ponder what falling in love might look like.

The vision of falling in love as a senior may have a very different tug on heartstrings and the pull of companionship may be the strongest. While loneliness is an ever-possible partner for anyone at any age, as people move into their senior years, the reality of spending time along becomes even more prevalent in their lives.

Finding a person to love and spend time with is a gift and can make a big difference in how seniors see value and purpose in their lives. Some of the advantages and pitfalls are spelled out in the following article which provides some pros and cons to lives wonderful emotions of being in love. Read more here

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