The Importance of Staying Social
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Wednesday, February 20, 2019
By The Views Senior Living
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Essence of Socialization

Friends and family are important in every stage of life.  Having someone to be there in case you need something or just someone to listen to your thoughts has a huge impact.  This can help with your quality of life, mental & physical health.  This can be even more important as you get older.

Having a social circle can decrease anxiety & depression, reduce stress, and even some physical health concerns.  Socialization can improve mental health and stability which increase memory function.  People that tend to be isolated decrease in memory function and physical health.  Ridgeview and Meadowview offer a wide variety of activities that promote social interaction.  Meadowview's recreation calendar is specifically designed to increase social interaction all day.  Tenants follow each other from one activity to the next so that they are constantly engaged in activities and socialize with each other. 

If you do not live in a senior community currently, their are other ways to get involved and increase socialization.  Join a community/volunteer group, a senior center, or group exercise class.  Take a look at our recreation calendar on our website by clicking here to see what recreation activities you can come join in on! 

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