Keep active during winter
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Monday, January 21, 2019
By The Views Senior Living
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Activity is key!

Staying active during the winter months is extremely important for the aging adult.  The winter months can make it hard for the aging adult to get out, enjoy fresh air, and move their body!  This can take a toll on someone physically and mentally.  Regular exercise and activity can decrease falls, lower blood pressure, and decrease arthritic pain.  Here are some helpful tips to stay active this winter!

  • Exercise at home!  People can either do exercise seated or standing with light weights or stretch resistance bands.  At Ridgeview, tenants participate in a 30 minute exercise 5 days a week that involves stretching, light weights, resistance bands, and aerobic exercise all while seated!  Only push yourself as far as you can go.  Your body will tell you what your limits are.
  • Join a gym close by.  If you no longer drive, transportation services are offered through local transportation companies or have a family/friend schedule to take you.
  • Join a local senior living community!  Senior living communities, such as Ridgeview and Meadowview, keep tenants moving and active during all seasons.  Different exercise classes, social activities, and mind stimulating activities are offered for tenants to participate in. 
  • Keep your body moving.  There are other ways you can keep your body moving without structured exercise.  Aging adults can stay active with indoor gardening, volunteering, or cleaning around the house. 
  • Brain games.  Keep your mind healthy and active during the winter season if you are unable to leave your home.  Activities such as crossword puzzles, Soduko, or reading a book are good ways to keep your brain fit.  Other activities may include painting, coloring, crafts, or listening to music. 

It's hard to stay motivated and on task especially during the winter months.  If you are running into a roadblock and need some new engaging winter activity ideas, contact Danielle Helgerson at The Views Senior Living. 

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