I had to share with you about our visit with my father-in-law yesterday. We arrived and the staff person in the hallway greeted us with a smile and helped us look for him all around the building. We found him walking in the hallway. He looked so nice wearing a blue shirt and tie. We live in Ames and arrived at Meadowview around 4:30 so it was soon time for supper. I thought it would be nice to eat supper with him and our two kids ages 6 and 4 would be getting hungry on the way home. I sheepishly asked the nurse if we could stay for supper knowing that we have not given them any warning we would be staying. She went and talked to the kitchen person. They immediately proceeded to roll out the red carpet for us! I was so impressed. They had a table set up for us in no time and said they had someone making more food. Having worked in food service I know how frustrating that can be to have something added at the last minute when you make a certain number of things. Everyone made us feel so WELCOMED and like we were family! They attended to our ever need during the meal and gave us ice-cream at the end. Most importantly was how they treated him with such love and dignity. The kitchen lady even came out and gave us a warm welcome which was so kind after we added more work for her and her staff. Next time we will call in advance if we plan to stay for a meal!  We all left feeling so positive about our experience and reflected on how different our experience could have been. I saw you earned the Bronze award but we think you should have earned the GOLD!!!

Leichty Family


I’m so grateful for the time Dad spent at MeadowView.  From the moment he stepped through the front door, they understood how hard it was for him to leave southeast Iowa where he had lived his entire life. Without exception, everyone on staff took great pains to welcome him and make him feel at home. The transition was much smoother than I had expected, and that was entirely to the credit of all the compassionate people at MeadowView.


In addition to the wonderful care MeadowView gave my dad, I didn’t anticipate how much I would come to rely on both the professionalism and the friendship of so many staff members as I learned how to support Dad through the progression of his illness. I feel fortunate that we found an extraordinary place for Dad.

 Kathy L. Hall, CFRE, Vice President, Development, Kirkwood Community College
Executive Director, Kirkwood Foundation


"We want to thank you for the extra time you spent with us. We walked away feeling more informed, quite impressed, and confident that even with a dementia diagnosis, we have fabulous resources available at MeadowView. You have a facility to be proud of- your passion and expertise is commendable."
Sue Eppel and family


"The staff is always pleasant and helpful, both to family and residents. The staff are always trying new ideas to engage memory care residents. The staff will meet with family as needed when concerns arise. The facility is always clean and welcoming."


"The employees seem to really care about the residents. This is a very well taken care of community!"
Lynda Newcomb, Daughter


"This is a perfect facility for my Mom. The staff is helpful and outgoing. It always feels clean and bright."
Carol Scheidt, Daughter of MeadowView resident


"Wow! First impression was awesome! What a great "community" to live in. Clean, refreshing and comfortable. Love the sunlight! A wonderful place that we know, when we leave, Mom is being taken care of."
Julie & Bill Light, Son & Daughter-in-law


"I believe this is the best place in town for my Mom! After our family toured so many other places locally we found Meadowview has everything she needs and more. I love the friendly, helpful staff!"
Rita Holmes, Daughter


"My husband is doing great here! They have a wonderful staff! Always letting me know what is going on with John. Activities for him all day long. They are tops!"
Jean Mitchell, Wife of MeadowView resident


"Ridgeview has outstanding activities and wonderful varied meals. We like the 24hr nursing-top notch staff! They allow Joe to do indoor and outdoor gardening! We play bingo, 500 cards, lots of outings and many music groups. Plus 5 days a week of 30-minute exercise! We are very satisfied!"
The Beach's, RidgeView residents


"My Grandmother-in-law lives at Meadowview. The place is always clean and never smells bad. I've seen everyone pitching in and picking up after residents. I am proud to tell people that my grandmother-in-law stays here!"
Dwayne Strickel, Grandson


"Everyone at Meadowview really knows how to take care of the tenants the best way possible! The love and compassion these people have for their jobs and tenants is just amazing!"


"We like our apartment and really appreciate the staff."
The Dankers, RidgeView Residents


Thank you so much for the time you took to meet with us regarding my dad.  Your insight and professionalism are very much appreciated.

We had a delightful weekend with Dad and were continually impressed with your staff and their interactions with all of the residents.  They are truly a special group of care providers. God bless you and your team!
Kim Holtz, Daughter


Words will never express how grateful I am that my mom was in your care these past years. It is also hard to express how much our entire family will miss everyone! Meadowview became another home for us! My mom received so much love & such excellent care from all of you. We can't thank you enough! Thank you for making every second full of quality of life for her!
Kevin & Shannon Tanner


It's never easy to make the transition from living independently, but Ridgeview was the perfect place for Dad. The staff gave him the care and attention he needed. They were patient and understanding with him. He knew he could always stop by and talk to "His Friend" when he was upset or just wanted to chat. Again, thank you for all you did to make Dad's experience in assisted living as positive as possible.
Daughters of B. Brown


I could never relay how grateful I am for the loving care she received from your staff. Your facilities have so much to be proud of, for all that you offer and all that you give.
Christie G, Daughter


"You guys got a huge shout out from all the staff at Gentiva for all that you did for one of our patients. We are so truly relieved and grateful that she has a safe place to be, as is her husband. He verbalized how impressed he was by the 'presentation' he received while being there. Thanks to you ALL- for everything you do every day to make a difference to the families you serve."
A. Shinneman, Branch Director
Gentiva Home Health


"Thank you for being so understanding and generous. I will always tell everyone of the great service and actual concern you and the others at Meadowview gave me. You are fantastic people who deserve to be praised often. I have been facing some very rough things but you are a piece of hope that not everything in the future is bad. Thank you and I am a fan forever!"
T. McLees, husband


"Mom enjoyed your facility just like her home and will miss everyone. Her family appreciates all the fantastic care that you have given her."
Terry Springer, Son


Mom speaks a lot about the Activities Director, Tracy, she is a wonderful person! Our family can't be happier to know that our mother is taken care of so well. Our family wants to thank everyone for your outstanding service at The Views. Everyone goes beyond their call of duty!
The Ryan Family

We would like to thank you for the loving care and attention you provide our mother. Knowing that she is so well cared for gives us comfort and peace of mind.

It takes a special type of person to do this job, and we couldn't imagine a staff doing it any better. Thank you for making her feel so loved.

We wish you a wonderful New Year!
The Trumpold Family


I want to take a few minutes to send you a huge Thank YOU! The Christmas GALA was Awesome! It was so very nice to have a special meal with my mother. It felt almost like when we would come to her home. My mother was so proud to be able to "host" a meal for my brother and I. My mother was so excited about the Bell Choir, "we even have special shirt to wear". The performance brought tears to everyone's eyes at our table. Thank you for all the fine work by Tracy and staff to make this Holiday so very special.
Rita H, Daughter


My step mother has been at Meadowview for several years now, and it's always been clear to me how dedicated the staff is to her wellbeing.  They treat her with such care, concern and patience.  She looks clean and nice, and her room and bathroom are always clean and picked up.  The staff has always been kind and have been extremely helpful to myself and Mom in so many ways, I couldn't even list them.  They take care of all their residents in this manner.

Thank you, Meadowview staff, for your love and dedication for the people you take care of - it shows!
God Bless!
Lisa Wells-Hastings, Step-Daughter


Even before my dad became an official resident at RidgeView, Angie McClure, Community Relations Director, visited him multiple times while he was finishing his rehab at St. Luke's Hospital.  Angie's care and attention for Dad and his situation was a calming force for our family during a difficult time of transition.  There was no doubt in our minds that the RidgeView Community was going to be a welcoming and warm place for Dad!

Even before my dad moved to RidgeView, they arranged for some current residents to befriend and welcome Dad when he arrived at his new assisted living apartment.  That connection was invaluable as Dad got settled in.  These new friends ate with Dad, conversed with him, and helped him become comfortable in his new place.  What a gift!

The attendants who assist Dad with his medicines, bathing, and housekeeping have become Dad's friends.  He trusts them and enjoys their friendly helping ways.  They are people who genuinely care for Dad and that makes all the difference in the world! Dad enjoys the staff, mealtimes, walking around the grounds, pet therapy, musical programs, and weekly  Chapel services at RidgeView.  He always tells me, "This is the next best thing to being in my own home.  Actually, this IS my own home!"  Thanks RidgeView!
Gayle Wilcox, Daughter


The first thing which impressed me about MeadowView was the facility itself. It was not at all what I expected. The rooms are beautifully designed. Everything is elegant and welcoming Inside. The atrium area is bright and cheerful and cozy. The building is so clean and well cared for. There are many amenities at MeadowView including the beauty shop (pedicures too!), the ice-cream parlor, the games and entertainment. The camaraderie among the patients and staff was fun for me to see. I've gotten to know all the people that work there-cooks, washers, nurses, maintenance-they go out of their way to help residents and brighten their day. It takes a lot of patience to do this type of work and your staff has that in abundance!

Finally, I want to tell you how much it has meant to me to have your help and guidance. You really took time to explain things to me and offer suggestions and helpful hints. Honestly, I don't know what I or my daughters would have done without you. This was a scary and sad time for us, and I didn't have any idea what all it entailed. You were there to help with doctors, physical therapy and understanding insurance, etc. You were a Godsend! Thank you so much for helping my husband, my family and myself through this trying time in our lives.
Rita Lange, Wife

Change is never easy but it is especially difficult when you are ninety-two and have a severe sight impairment. Moving mom from a nursing home into the RidgeView assisted living community was much easier than we had expected. From the very first phone call, inquiring about the services provided to the transition time since she has been there, we have found the staff caring and the facility to be clean and inviting. It is apparent that the staff is genuinely concerned about the residents. They have been exceptional to mom, helping her adjust to her new surroundings quickly. The nursing staff and aids have been very attentive and helpful. The numerous activities offered have kept her from feeling lonely and have given her something to look forward to each day.   Purposeful placement with other residents at meals has also helped in her transition and after just a couple of weeks she has made new friendships. RidgeView’s pleasant surroundings make visiting mom enjoyable and we can leave after our visits, knowing she is in good hands. Thanks to Angie, Amy, John and all of the staff who have made mom feel welcome and well cared for.
Family of Gladys Frye


I live over 300 miles away in Wisconsin and am my uncle’s only real support net.  Your caring nature and sensitive responses to all my questions was greatly appreciated. My three days in Cedar Rapids was a very stressful time with banking, securing my uncle’s home, paying passed due bills and finding a facility where my uncle would receive appropriate care. Of all the arrangements which needed to be made, you and the staff at Meadow View made this task the easiest. I was most impressed with your personal attention the day my uncle arrived and your personal follow-up visit on a Sunday just one day later.

I know, as I did when I left Cedar Rapids, that my uncle is getting the best possible care available. I greatly appreciate the follow-up phone calls the first week as they helped to reinforce my decision to select Meadow View Memory Care Village.
Matthew Doyle, Nephew


My sister was very happy and content at MeadowView and wanted to join the activities available. In fact, she kept the activity list in her hand at all times it seemed. Even when we were there we either attended activities with Shirley or she would tell us what activity was going on at that time. We enjoyed the times we could have meals with my sister and her husband. It allowed us special time when we could just sit and talk while being served a tasty and well prepared meal. My sister always cleaned up her plate as did my husband and I, so you know the food was good!

I always marveled at the architecture of MeadowView and appreciated the cleanliness of the building. The people working there were always caring and personable. Keep up the good work! We certainly have good things to say about MeadowView!
Wayne & Barb Opheim, Sister of Shirley & Don Phillips


Dad lived at Ridgeview about a year and a half. I remember when he moved in he said "Their pancakes are as good as McDonalds" (which he liked) The assisted living worked well for Dad. When he took sick in December he had to go to skilled care to get rehab therapy. The therapists said he worked very hard at anything they asked-he was motivated to get back to Ridgeview. His return to Ridgeview was a very happy day for him. Our thanks to all the good people there.
Dave Faltis, Son